20 Before 20

Beginning a new chapter…

IMG_2454With only a month to go before the big 2 0, I found myself reflecting on the past years, with second-hand embarrassment coming a close second to a feeling of excitement.  Will life truly begin in my twenties?

Seeing out my teenage years optimistically renders me less daunted by the fact I will definitely be expected to start adulting from henceforth.

With the knowledge of the aging process apparent, I set out to make my last month of being a teenager as fulfilling as possible.  The lover of lists that I am enabled me to draft a 20 before 20 check list, to ensure I leave my ‘youth’ with a BANG.


From smaller things such as going into town alone to joining a new society or club, the list is slowly but surely getting reduced.  Yet with three weeks left before my adolescence escapes me, there was one thing I was yet to do.


For all you detectives out there, I feel it is apparent where this is heading.  Of course creating an online space for my ramblings on life and style, perhaps ultimately a lifestyle blog, was certainly something I’ve wanted to complete for a while, but the awkward teenager in me was too embarrassed.

But turning twenty has certainly changed my outlook on life.  For after all, I’m not nineteen forever, and the awkwardness of online ramblings has, for now, subsided.

So here it goes… A little online document of my life’s musings. Wish me luck!


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