A Whistle-stop Tour of Berlin

When your girl squad suggest a gals hol, the natural choice is Berlin, right?

Back in July, the girls and I left a surprisingly sunny UK for a whistle-stop tour of Berlin. With only three full days to explore Germany’s capital, we certainly set out on a jam-packed adventure.

The Sights – my top recommendations of what Berlin has to offer.

Wandering through one of Berlin’s many green parks, we headed towards one of Berlin’s most iconic monuments: the Brandenburg Gate. Impressive at both day and night, the Brandenburg Gate certainly makes it’s impression on Berlin’s landscape.

IMG_9798.jpg edit .jpg

After taking the compulsory holidays snaps, including many a photobomb, we made our way to another of Berlin’s historic sites: Checkpoint Charlie.  Here the sign denoting the former crossing between East and West Germany can be seen amongst the commercialised, metropolitan streets.

IMG_9845.jpg edit .jpg
IMG_9857.jpg edit .jpg

Another day, another sight. This time a visit to the East Side Gallery.  As we perused the wall murals, we were served a visual reminder of the unification of people and societies that were previously separated when an Iron Curtain descended on Europe.  The artworks depicted clearly the liberal vibes that now engulf Berlin.

IMG_0186edit .jpg
IMG_0053.jpg edit .jpg

A final yet worthwhile visit is to Berlin’s Parliament: The Reichstag.  Queueing to book at the ticket office outside is certainly worth it. The ticket allows you to see a panoramic view of the city, all from the glass dome of the building.  As a student, I’d deffo recommend – it’s free!

IMG_0254.jpg edit .jpg
IMG_0244.jpg edit .jpg

 Places to eat – a mini guide to my favourite spots to grab some grub in Berlin.

For any self-confessed brunch lover like myself, I can confirm there is one spot in particular that is guaranteed to tickle your taste buds.  The aptly named Spreegold has a menu so delicious we did in fact return for a second visit. With a focus on freshly sourced produce and a menu offering alternatives for dietary requirements, this is not one to be missed.

IMG_9977.jpg edit .jpg

A small afternoon pitstop, mainly to avoid the midday heat, saw us stumbling across a quaint cafe named Coffee & Cookies.  Not only did the cafe offer a variety of hot beverages and scrumptious treats, we all took advantage of the free WIFI, which as part of the online generation, we were all very appreciative of.  Refuelled, content, and social media updated, we left on our merry way to unfold our next adventure.

IMG_9912.jpg edit

If an evening tipple takes your fancy then head over to Monkey Bar, located on the top floor of the 25 Hours hotel. A day drink there offers a panoramic view of Berlin, with the main attracting being that of the neighbouring Berlin Zoo. Our relaxed evening on the terrace unquestionably hit the spot after the long day of sight-seeing, and the hanger pains we endured.

IMG_9954.jpg edit .jpg
IMG_0200.jpg edit .jpg

Our short stay in Berlin came to a sweet end, as we boarded the coach, all ready for a long nap, to another of Europe’s great cities.  For now we say Auf Wiedersehen to Berlin.  Next stop: Prague!

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