To Prague and Beyond

As the coach pulled into Prague, our slumber was roused by an overwhelming sense of excitement.  A capital of culture and cheap beer was within reach.

Our first full day in Prague led us on a pleasant yet tiring stroll up to Prague Castle.  Confronting the hunger pangs and taking regular breaks was essential for maximising group unity! The complex is free to explore, however note that some buildings have a ticketed entrance.  Despite this, the quintessential Czech architecture and panoramic views were more than enough to make the hike worth it.

With the midday sun rising and the hanger subsiding, we chose to hedge our bets and head to the botanical gardens located on Petrin Hill.  Dodging the rain showers we soaked up the beauty of nature, particularly evident in the rose gardens.


Wondering back across one of many bridges crossing the Vltava we headed back to our AirBnb for a chilled evening after a long day.


Another day, another walk! This time we headed towards the John Lennon Wall.  Once a wall used by young Czechs to write their grievances about the Communist regime in the 1980s, the wall nowadays has come to be a global symbol of peace and love.  After adding our own personal messages, we stood to admire the burst of colours and the arena of creativity and self-expression.


The afternoon led us to take a break from the bustle of the old town and stop to admire the scenic views of Prague.  A time to reflect on the past week, letting our troubles drift and also a chance to catch our breath after climbing yet another hill!


The final day on our much needed gals hol meant one thing: pedalos.  Splitting into two tribes, we embarked on our mini-cruise on the Vltava, absorbing all of Prague’s beauty and no one managed to fall in.  One of the holiday highlights for sure!


Our final chance to make memories in Prague, we decided to make the most of our last night.  Starting off by watching the sunset before heading to explore Charles Bridge, which is just as beautiful at night as in the day. We all for sure fell in love with Prague.


With reluctant hearts we waved goodbye and headed home to a rainy Manchester airport, only more determined to plan our next adventure.

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