a POP of colour

No matter the season, trends or weather forecast, one thing that remains constant in my wardrobe is my love for colour; a POP of colour. 

Long gone have the days of black Topshop Joni jeans with the added extra of a black jumper (though band tees are still acceptable!)  The evolution of colour in my wardrobe since my teenage years has marked my growth and acceptance that it’s okay to wear whatever you want, no matter the size, colour or fit. No longer hiding behind all things black, the discovery of my style has come in the form of coloured roll necks, and I couldn’t be happier.  

Guaranteed to chase away any of the ‘January blues’, adorning bright colours not only makes the days seem cheerier but also makes me feel happier.  Even on the most wintery of days, a burst of colour, albeit in rainbow form (and perhaps too garish?), is just enough to remind you that warm and bright summer days are ahead.  

Focusing mainly on an array of coloured knitwear and hoodies my collection has expanded extensively, much to the disapproval of my bank balance. A sucker for any gap in my wardrobe rainbow, I’m always looking to add to any colour tone that seems somewhat lack-lustre and in need of strengthening.  

By choosing mainly tops and sweaters as my POP of colour, I find styling the somewhat garish garments easier. Most items can be worn with any colour denim, meaning all that I need to do each morning is decide what colour top to associate with my day! An easy way to start the hectic and unpredictable day of uni life with an outfit that will always shock and sometimes surprise.  What’s more, as trend colours are always on rotation, you are always guaranteed to find some tonal variant in your wardrobe that will fit the bill.  

Organising my wardrobe in colour order not only panders to my basic aesthetic but very much helps with my vision of how to style different outfits.  Being able to see what colours complement each other and what items work together is a much-needed aid, especially on days when I’m running particularly late to those 9 a.m.’s.  

For me, a POP of colour is the living embodiment of my wardrobe and style evolution. But remember kids, do whatever makes your wardrobe POP, whether this is through colour or not.  You just do you, Hun. 

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