A weekend away…

Being invited on a gal’s weekend, in the Yorkshire Dales, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, was an opportunity not to be missed.  A weekend with ALL the food (mainly carbs), many varieties of gin and plenty of laughs was in store, and boy it didn’t disappoint!

Hiring our very own country cottage, we arrived with all the excitement and inquisition of Cameron Diaz in The Holiday; the townies take the countryside. Every room was a real life ‘room with a view’, but it wasn’t until the morning until the beauty of the countryside was truly discovered.  Arriving in the dark, and waking to the countryside charm, made us question whether we were all still dreaming. And what a dream it was !  

Deciding to go exploring the Dales, we set off on a ramble through the rolling hills, seeing many a flock of sheep, and even more mole hills! Taking in the fresh country air, whilst attempting to navigate the public footpath matrix, hurdling gates and getting stuck on the stiles, we all turned into the most millennium versions of Bear Grylls imaginable. The glorious views and typical Yorkshire weather made the outing even more memorable.  

After our afternoon ramble, the return to the house was even more cosy. With the fire lit, and the piano being played, every moment was the definition of a true countryside getaway. 

Watching films into the evening, with tea and snacks, culminating into wine and face masks, we made the most of all the opportunities available to relax. Taking a much-needed break from Uni, to enjoy the company of my gal pals, despite the heated rounds of Articulate. 

With heavy hearts we waved goodbye to our weekend away, revelling in the romanticism of the countryside, and feeling slightly nauseous at the idea of getting back into the taxi on the narrow and winding roads.  With Minster FM blasting on the radio, we headed back to sunny YO10, and the prospect of a shedload of reading and impending deadlines, that are all too easily forgotten in the countryside bliss.  

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