Munich in Outfits

Flying with a budget airline meant one thing: packing less clothes. What at first seemed a struggle turned soon into an exercise in creating a weekend-break capsule wardrobe. The organised mum in me relished the chance to experiment with my limited outfit choices.  

So, I figured I’d talk you through my packing thought process.  

Checking the weather forecast as a starting point, I began to write a list of what I needed to pack, as I am for sure am always guilty of overpacking.  Much to my delight the prediction of glorious sunshine meant lighter clothing would be needed.  

Realising that multiple garments can be worn on consecutive days without outfit repeats, I began planning. Sticking with the staples of black jeans for three of the four days, and a purple cord jacket to match every outfit, all that was needed was a couple different tops and a change of shoes. It all seemed simple enough!  

Sticking to a purple colour palette meant all pieces could be interchanged on arrival. If I wasn’t digging the cream top with purple jacket, I had the option to change into a cardigan or jumper. 

Here are the four outfits I put together, reusing pieces in each.  

Outfit 1

Jacket: Monki, Top: Topshop, Jeans: BDG, Boots: Doc Martens Church Boots

Outfit 2

Boiler suit: Monki, Jacket: Monki, Trainers: Nike Air Max

Outfit 3

Cardigan: Lazy Oaf, Jeans: BDG, Top: Monki, Trainers: Nike Air Max

Outfit 4

Jacket: Monki, Jumper: vintage, Jeans: BDG, Hat: Urban Outfitters

As you can see, all outfits follow a similar colour scheme, meaning any combination of jacket and top would work wonderfully. The base of black jeans and the purple jacket meant not much else needed to be packed. A few layering pieces such as jumpers and cardigans were all that was needed in case of chillier evenings.

All in all, packing lightly for a shorter holiday was much less complicated and stressful than I had anticipated.

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