3 things I’ve learnt from living alone…

As I mentioned in my brief life update, I am currently living alone in my rented flat. The main factor in relocating was for my work and, I won’t lie, being further from my family during the pandemic has been tough, especially going into our currently lockdown (Jan 2021). However, from just living alone for such a short time, I have learnt a few positive lessons that I thought I’d share, in case any of you are considering living alone or currently live alone.

A brief life update…

Hello, how are you? Long time no see e.t.c. ... Well 2020 was certainly a strange old year and just as I found my blogging stride again, I then lost it twice as fast. That being said, I felt it was only about time to update my blog and where best to start that with a brief life update, to explain my blogging absence. Although with 2020 being so pants, I feel no explanations are in fact needed.

Sustainable Black-Owned Businesses to Support

Having seen so many wonderful black-owned businesses being highlighted last weekend on social media, for the first #BlackPoundDay, I have realised how much control we as consumers have over how and where we spend our money. We can and should choose to support those brands who are actively anti-racist and wave goodbye to those who are not, but more importantly we should support the black-owned economy above all else, by using our power of the purse to make much-needed change.

Bedroom Decor

Candles lit, cushions plumped and a new print hung, I now can say I love my room. For those feeling uninspired by your bedroom, I’ve compiled a few ideas on how to jazz up a small room, to make it that extra bit cosy and full of personality.